It started with pieces of me gone with my babies, pieces left behind by grief. I'm in fragments, but it's a beautiful mess, so I'm blessed to be broken.

The Donate Art Project at Beyond Words Designs

Stephanie, mommy to heaven baby, Amelia Rose, is the artist behind Beyond Words Designs and does beautiful work that supports grieving parents, honors the babies we have lost, and celebrates life and pregnancy. Recently, she started the Donate Art Project, which provides beautiful art cards for families who have lost a child.

To help support Stephanie’s Donate Art Project, I’m over at Beyond Words Designs today, where I share my Calvin Phoenix and what it was like to delivery him, hold him, then have to leave the hospital with only a memory box, and how much it would have meant to receive one of Stephanie’s art cards.

Learn more about the Donate Art Project by clicking the button below:

Beyond Words Designs

And please consider offering your support by sharing your story and/or making a donation—just $1 is enough to create a card for a newly bereaved family.

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