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Araya Persephone Chasia (03.20.2012)

Araya Persephone Chasia's Remembrance Cupcake

Araya Persephone Chasia's Remembrance Cupcake

Mommy will always love you. I promise I will see you and your sister again.

God called my baby girl home after 22 wonderful weeks of pregnancy due to my cervix opening. She was my 2nd loss after 5 years. Her sister Aaliyah LaShay was called home after 18 weeks of pregnancy back in 2006.

She was delivered at 7:22pm. The doctors said there was nothing they could do, so they just let me hold her. She looked just like me. She kicked right before she was delivered. When the doctor placed her in my arms, she moved and turned her head my direction. I grabbed her hand, and she squeezed it as if she knew it was me holding her. Her heart stopped beating at 9:52pm, while she was in my arms.

I’ll always love my baby girl, and I miss her dearly. I know I will see her again.


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