Tuesday, November 24, 2020
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Common Questions

Who is Calvin?

Calvin is our first baby, who was born sleeping at 18 weeks on March 5, 2009. Calvin’s Cupcakes were created in his honor as a way to remember those children who now celebrate their birthdays in Heaven. To learn more about Calvin, please visit his memorial site: Kisses for Calvin.

Does a cupcake cost anything?

We currently offer two types of cupcakes: a free personalized cupcake and a $7 custom cupcake.

Because we want all families to be able to have a remembrance cupcake, we will always have a free version for any parents/families/friends requesting a cupcake. If you are willing, we would love for you to share our website, become a fan of Dandiewinks on Facebook, and follow us on Bloglovin’.

Can I order cupcakes for multiple children?

Yes, of course. Four of our own children left us much too soon, and we believe every one of them deserves to be remembered on their special day. You can either fill out separate request forms for each of your little ones or you can use the “Comments” box to fill in all of their information.

Can I use the cupcake image on my own blog or website or print them out?

Please feel free to do so! These cupcakes were made for you and you can use them in any way you see fit to honor your loved ones. If you are able, it would be best to download your own copy for upload onto your site or blog. If you are so moved, we would also appreciate you sharing our web address: dandiewinks.com/calvins-cupcakes.

What if I didn’t name my little one?

That’s okay. We can put “Baby” or “Angel” or “Angel Baby” or “Baby Angel” on the cupcake. Or, we can put a nickname you have for your baby. Another suggestion we have is to use “Baby” or “Angel” plus your last name or the first letter of your last name. We can also just make a cupcake your little one’s age or birth date. However you feel comfortable, we would be honored to join you in remembering your baby.

Can I use my EDD as the birth date?

Yes. Some parents think of the day their little ones went to Heaven as their babies’ birth dates, while others think of their estimated due dates as the birth dates. Whichever date you feel in your heart is your baby’s birth date is your baby’s birth date.

Can I request a cupcake to honor a different date?

Yes. Just let us know on the order form which date you would like us to post the cupcake: it can be an anniversary, angel date, due date, Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day (October 15), Children’s Remembrance Day (second Sunday of December), or any other date that is special to you.

When will the cupcake be ready?

Due the number of requests we receive, please allow up 2-4 months for us to create your cupcake. To find your cupcake, check the album for your baby’s month on the Dandiewinks Facebook page. If you requested a custom cupcake, you can also use the search on this website to find your remembrance page.