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Charlie has a little thug in him?

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The last time Charlie fell asleep in the car was at the beginning of March, and only because he had been up 7 hours straight because he was sick and we had to bring him to the hospital. He stopped napping in his stroller and carseat at around 4 months….

I am shaped by my grief

Happy Mothers Day

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“To the woman who possesses a life giving heart, broken wide-open for the child she loves.” For all mommy-hearts, whether you hold, miss, or long for your children, whether your kids were born from your womb, your heart, your friendships, or your occupations.


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14 years ago tonight, a teenage girl danced for the first time with the boy who would become her great love. Happy prom-a-versary to my husby.

Baby Love Juice: Watermelon, Mint, and Blueberry Water

Here’s a version of infused water that uses about a quarter of a mini seedless watermelon, about 12 organic mint leaves, and about 1/2 to 2/3 cup of frozen wild organic blueberries. I cleaned the watermelon rind with orange peel vinegar (I’ll share that soon) then rinsed with water and…

Refreshing Minty Lemony Rosemary Cucumber Water

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We’ve been experiencing record high temperatures lately, and I’ve noticed that my thirst has definitely picked up. So I decided to put together this refreshing minty lemony rosemary cucumber water to help me stay hydrated and get some mild springtime detoxing going. Not only is this water fancy and yummy,…

The 5th Belongs to Calvin: International Bereaved Mothers Day – I choose to live and to honor you

This month, the 5th is special for several reasons: this is Calvin’s 50th month in heaven (that actually makes me want to cry, knowing how long it’s been since I’ve held him), it is International Bereaved Mothers Day, and it is the 1 year anniversary of Still Standing Magazine and…

I choose to live and to honor you

I created this digital card in honor of my son Calvin’s 50th month in heaven, for my fellow sisters in babyloss on International Bereaved Mothers Day, and for the 1 year anniversary of Still Standing Magazine. It was not my choice to survive without you… So I choose to live…