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Olivia Hope's 1st birthday remembrance cupcake.

Olivia Hope Coloma (4.02 – 4.08.2017)

In honor of Olivia Hope Coloma. Happy 1st Birthday baby girl, our princess Olivia. We love and miss you so much! This cupcake was requested by Olivia Hope's godmother, Jen. To learn more about Olivia Hope and her family, please visit OliviaHopeColoma.com.

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Noah da Costa's remembrance cupcake from his parents Gina and Kevin

Noah da Costa (03.31.2015)

We are very sad we never got to meet you or hold you. But I hope you heard me tell you how much I loved you. Unfortunately for mommy and daddy, we couldn't keep you but God needed you. We think about you every day. Remember mommy and daddy love you so

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Hannah Alycia's anniversary remembrance cupcake from Sylivia

Hannah Alycia (03.29.2015)

We spent nine years thinking about having a little girl like you, and when I saw you face for the first time you looked just like me: small little lips, cute button nose, you even had my meat ball cheeks. In a sense, when I look in the mirror I

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(02.14–03.21.2015) Kendra-Fernanda Aseda Afari's remembrance cupcake from her mother Cyndy

Kendra-Fernanda Aseda Afari (02.14–03.21.2015)

Though you spent only a month with me, to me it feels like you spent ages. So grateful that you were a part of my life. Mommy still loves you so dearly. May God protect and keep you safe. God be with you my little angel👯 Kendra-Fernanda Aseda Afari was born

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Eric Houdashelt II's remembrance cupcake

Eric Houdashelt II (02.11.2015)

Happy Birthday our precious son. We love and miss you very much. Mommy & Daddy Dominique, Summer & Damien Baby Eric was stillborn on February 11, 2015. He was definitely taken from us too soon. He will forever be in our memories and our hearts. —Angelica and Eric, Baby Eric's parents

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