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Annabelle's remembrance cupcake

Annabelle Marie Roos (12.29.2014)

We miss you every single day sweet angel! Annabelle Marie Roos was born on 12.29.2014. Annabelle had Full Trisomy 18, a very rare and fatal chromosome disorder. Despite doctors recommendations to terminate the pregnancy, Annabelle made it full term and lived for 6 wonderful days. She was not expected to make

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Luka's remembrance cupcake

Luka Mariscal (12.19.2014)

I want you to know how much I love you and miss you. Carrying you, feeling you move and listening to your heartbeat are precious gifts I hold dear in my heart. When you were born sleeping, you were perfect and beautiful. I wish I could have never let you go. Your

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Aiden's remembrance cupcake

Aiden McCullers (11.06.2014 – 01.23.2015)

Aiden McCullers, spending the little time that I had with you were the best moments of my life. You were my heart. I love you very much and would not trade my memories of you for anything. And your precious smile lives within me. Heaven is truly blessed to welcome

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Selah's remembrance cupcake

Selah Anne Estes (10.27 – 12.31.2014)

Dearest Selah, You came into our lives with such eager expectation. We were honored to see, touch, and love on you for the 66 days you were here on earth. We will always remember and cherish you, and we celebrate the day you were born and rejoice with you on the

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