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Charlotte's remembrance cupcake

Charlotte Elizabeth Keitz (08.29.2011)

I think about you each and every day. I imagine you with beautiful golden hair and soft green eyes like your dad's. You were a beautiful wonderful and exciting surprise that disappeared too soon. Love you always, Mommy (Marley)

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Austin & Aiden's remembrance cupcake

Austin & Aiden (08.17.2013)

Mommies misses you and loves you very much. A day doesn't go by that I don't see you growing bigger every day, me kissing your cheeks, playing with your toes, celebrating your first steps, potty training you, doing all the things I did with your sister. You will never be

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Baby Acosta's remembrance cupcake

Baby Acosta (08.08.2015)

"On Dec. 22, it was confirmed I was 7 weeks and a day. We heard the heartbeat and were given keepsake photos. On Jan 5, early in the morning, I had a miscarriage. Everything was going so well, and then my world fell apart. I am 24 years old and

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Aidan's 2nd birthday remembrance cupcake

Aidan Donan Guilfoyle (08.01.2010)

On your 5th birthday Happy 5th Birthday in heaven, sweet Aidan. We are so blessed to call you son. We love you! (– Tim and Susan Guilfoyle, Aidan's parents) On your 1st birthday Happy first Birthday in Heaven, sweet angel. We miss you more than ever. We love you so much. You are forever in our hearts. How

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