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Aidan's 2nd birthday remembrance cupcake

Aidan Donan Guilfoyle (08.01.2010)

On your 5th birthday Happy 5th Birthday in heaven, sweet Aidan. We are so blessed to call you son. We love you! (– Tim and Susan Guilfoyle, Aidan's parents) On your 1st birthday Happy first Birthday in Heaven, sweet angel. We miss you more than ever. We love you so much. You are forever in our hearts. How

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Ethan's remembrance cupcake

Ethan Rivera (06.06.2015)

We loved you from the moment we knew you were growing inside me, baby boy. Mommy and Daddy loved you every second of everyday. We will always be grateful for you being our little miracle and giving us the opportunity to experience the journey to parenthood for 4 fabulous months.

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Lilly Cate's remembrance cupcake

Lilly Cate (05.30.2014)

I miss you, sweet girl. I think of you every day. I know one day I will see you in heaven. Daddy and sissy try to keep me happy most days. My heart is still broken. I am so sorry Mommy was so sick and couldn't carry you any longer.

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