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For Isaac Matthew, on your 5th birthday

Isaac Mathew is the beautiful second son of Kristy and Howard Bolte. He has one brother, Asher, who is with him and heaven, and three siblings on earth: and Luke, Ben, and Hope. Isaac went to heaven after spending six sacred days with his mommy and daddy. To get to

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For Madeleine Rose, on your 1st birthday

"There is no footprint so small that it cannot leave an imprint on this world." Madeleine Rose is the sweet big sister of a rainbow girl due this month. Her mommy is AKD, and her daddy is JTD. Maddie was born at 21 weeks and 3 days, due to an incompetent

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For Jonathan, on your 1st birthday

Jonathan is the sweet son of Jessica and Mike, the younger brother of Little One, and big brother to a rainbow due in November. He was born at 18 weeks. His mommy was mommy was diagnosed with the Factor V Leiden blood clotting disorder and a possible incompetent cervix. To

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Calypso Paikea Rhyder Lane's remembrance cupcake

Calypso Paikea Rhyder Lane (06.14 – 07.07.2007)

2014: Calypso's 7th Birthday 2010: Calypso's 3rd Birthday Calypso Paikea Rhyder is the sweet daughter of Melissa. She was born on June 14, 2007 at 29 weeks 5 days, and lived for a precious 23 days. She passed away from Renal Failure as a complication of an intestinal infection on July 7,

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For Wyatt Nathaniel, on your 1st birthday

Wyatt Nathaniel is the beautiful baby boy of Danielle & Joseph. He has one sister, Ansley Joy, one big brother, Joseph Elijah, and a baby brother, Seth Alexander, due in July. Sweet Wyatt, whose name means "little warrior," was diagnosed with Thanatophoric Dysplasia, which is a lethal form of dwarfism.

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For Malou Amelia, on your 2nd birthday

Malou Amelia is the precious daughter of Tom and Stephanie and is Liam's big sister. At 32 weeks, due to unknown reasons, she was born still. She was a beautiful, half-Danish/half-American, dark-haired baby girl, who is much-loved and deeply-missed. You can learn more about Malou at A Lifetime of Love:

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