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Hayden's remembrance cupcake

Hayden Daniel Murray (04.24.2012)

We miss you baby. More than words can begin to describe. But we know that you are continuously looking down on us and that you are safe and happy. We love you so much Hayden. One day we'll be together again, and you'll be in our arms! Love always and forever,

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Nicholas & Nicole Pacich's 6th birthday remembrance cupcake

Nicholas and Nicole Pacich (April 23, 2009)

On your 6th birthday It's been six long years and the pain will never subside. Continue to be the beautiful angels to your sister, Ella, and brother, Nicholas. We love and miss you. Until we meet again. Love, Mommy & Daddy On your 3rd birthday I still think of you both everyday. I wake

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Karen's remembrance cupcake

Karen Barbosa Angelo da Silva (04.16.1987)

It has been 28 years since your birth and death, my dear Karen, but my love for you has never changed. You’re part of me, and I am happy and grateful to have had a chance to conceive and feel you for 8 months. Although my heart hurts for not

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Baby Sanders's remembrance cupcake

Baby Sanders (04.15.2014)

I loved you from the day I found out about you and have mourned you everyday since you left me. If I could hold you in my arms, I would; but I can't, so I will hold you in my dreams. Heaven will hold you before we do and keep

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Raacica's remembrance cupcake

Raacica Zora Cristar King (04.11.2014)

POEM FOR MY ANGEL You weren't with us very long But in the time we had our bound grew strong I miss you so much everyday But in my heart you're there to stay Time may past and years will flow But, my Angel, my love for you will be forever more Mummy Loves you very much And

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