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Sebastián's remembrance cupcake

Sebastián Andrés (03.31.2012)

"You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother's womb." Psalm 139:13 Baby Sebastián died at 6 weeks and 4 days due to a miscarriage. He was loved and wanted by all. His older sister Paola, Mommy, and Daddy will miss him until

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Christine's remembrance cupcake

Christine Marie Heilmann (03.27.2014)

I am so grateful that you gave your daddy and me time to spend with you. We love you so much sweetheart, and we are so so proud of you, our little fighter. We miss you dearly, but we are doing ok. Rest in paradise my little bear. We will

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Ashton & Adrianna's remembrance cupcake

Ashton & Adrianna Leverette (03.27.2012)

I will not forget you two. I have held you two in the palm of my hands... I miss you two so much along with your little kicks and punches!!!! I'm so so so sorry I lost you two... Mommy loves you!! Ashton and Adrianna were born at 6 months into

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Mason's remembrance cupcake

Mason Alexander (03.25 – 07.31.2013)

Happy 2nd Birthday in Heaven to our special Angel Mason. You are always in our hearts ❤️ Not a day goes by we don't miss our precious grandson, Mason, who was called home at the age of 4 months 6 days. He was a light in our life and will always

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Gaelen Evangeline's 4th remembrance cupcake

For my Gaelen Evangeline

4 years feels so far away. I miss you, my not-so-baby girl. Charlie sent you some birthday kisses today. We love you. 2012. Happy Heaven Day, my sweet Gaelen. Mommy and daddy miss and love you so much ♥ Gaelen Evangeline is our third baby, who joined her big brother and big sister, Calvin

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