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Four Books

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10-Day “You” Project, Day 7: Four Books

Book Review: Sufficient Grace by Kelly Gerken

Ultimately, this is the story and testimony of a woman who discovered God’s faithfulness, love, and grace as her family navigated the deaths of three babies, and found her worth and purpose in Christ.

Capture Your Grief – Day 19: Give

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“Your talent is God’s gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God.” (Leo Buscaglia) Capture Your Grief is an annual, 31-day mindful healing project that consists of photography and reflection. It is for “anyone who is grieving the death of a baby or child at…

Bumble Bee and Daddy (PG Update)

First, thank you so much for all of your encouragement, support, thoughts, and prayers. We are so grateful and so overwhelmed by all the love that we’re receiving for us and our babies. Second, as you can tell from this photo, our ultrasound went well. We were able to see…

Less than 18.5 hours until the ultrasound

We’re going to see Bumble Bee again tomorrow afternoon, and I should be 6 weeks and 4 days along. This is around the time that we should be able to see the fetal pole and a heartbeat. And that is what I really, really, really want to see. I know…

Between Love and Fear

Project Pee-a-thon ended with very much wanted results for me and Louie, and we held onto the high of congratulations, support, encouragement, and prayers for days. We told ourselves we would enjoy this blessing and hold onto the joy. I promised myself I wouldn’t get caught up in the fear…

More of Calvie’s cloud drawings

In last September’s The 5th Belongs to Calvin post, I showed Calvin’s name spelled in the clouds. This is the follow-up to that post… almost a year later. Yes, it had been sitting as a draft for almost that long. And, yes, I know I can be slow sometimes. But…

What Makes You Grateful?

Especially in the early days of grieving, it’s difficult to find things for which to be grateful. That’s why any statement that begins with At least… can induce fits of rage, tears, and cursing (and sometimes all of the above). In my experience, it’s much better to allow us to…