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Three flowers

I attended a “Walk to Remember” remembrance walk and ceremony in Clearwater with some of my BabyCenter GBJ girls, their husbands, and their rainbow babies. Part of it included putting flowers on and around a memorial tree, planted in the park for babies who have died and their families. The…

The 5th Belongs to Calvin: A Visit to Florida

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One of the most surprising thing that happened after losing Calvin (and each of my babies) was finding friendships in unexpected places. I was amazed and uplifted by receiving compassion, encouragement, and just plain love from people who ranged from former acquaintances to complete strangers. The BabyCenter Community was where…

“Because Grief is As Real as Love”

The title of this piece is from the In Mourning Band™ Campaign. Louie and I wear these bands for our babies. Because grief is as real as love, I mourn. I mourn my babies by saying the same things over and over, by finding different ways to say these things…

More of Calvie’s cloud drawings

In last September’s The 5th Belongs to Calvin post, I showed Calvin’s name spelled in the clouds. This is the follow-up to that post… almost a year later. Yes, it had been sitting as a draft for almost that long. And, yes, I know I can be slow sometimes. But…

New feature over at DBC

I have a new post at The Dead Baby Club about this month’s featured blogger: a mommy who chose to carry her baby to term after a fatal diagnosis. Please stop by to learn about Myah and her daughter, Faith and to share your stories or experiences with CTT after…

Happy Birthday, Mama

On Saturday, Louie and I went to visit my grandmother at the cemetery. It was her birthday. We brought Calvin. I thought about her rocking him in her arms and singing to him. I emptied and rinsed her vases and used a dishwashing brush and Clorox wipes to clean her…

Happy Fathers Day, Louie

And Happy Fathers Day to all the other daddies out there, too: to daddies with children in their arms, to daddies with children in their hearts, and to daddies who are deeply missed.

Happy Mother’s Day to All Mommies

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from my (baby loss) mommy’s heart to yours. Happy Mother’s Day.