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Wordless Wednesday #2: Written in the Stars

Thank you so much to Amanda at Written in the Stars for putting my sweet babies’ names in the sky and giving me another beautiful way to remember my children. Amanda is a baby loss mommy who lost her girl, Ireland Lila, at almost 15 weeks, and was inspired to…

Wordless Wednesday #1: Calvin’s Place

For Kristin

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and you four precious little ones in Heaven.

Bright Eyes: Happy Birthday, Milo

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In memory of Milo Henry Salomonis – MiloSalomonis.org Bright eyes, keep watch over them, as you dance on clouds above.

Calvin’s Friends

Not too long after the day I spent at the beach with Calvin, I came across Melissa’s blog, 2FeetOnEarth1intheStars, and her request for the Calypso Name Project in celebration of her daughter’s 2nd Birthday in Heaven. Knowing how powerful it was to see my son’s name written in such a…

My First Mothers Day

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First, yes, I do know I’m a month and another major holiday late. If it’s any consolation, I did share these photos on BabyCenter and Facebook the night of Mother’s Day. It’s just that sometimes it takes me a while to process, and it has taken me some time to…

To the Father of My Missing Child

I know I can’t make you whole again But I’m here. I’m here to catch your tears in the palms of my hand, to try to make the landing a little less rough when you fall, because I’m falling, too. So I’ll go down with you, and, when we are…