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For Lily Katherine, on your 2nd birthday

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A tiny flower, lent not given, to bud on earth and bloom in Heaven… ♥ Lily Katherine’s mommy, Hannah Rose To learn more about Lily Katherine, please visit Rose and Her Lily.

The 5th Belongs to Calvin: Showers—a guest post from Daddy

For Calvin’s 3rd heavenly birthday, I asked Louie if he would do a guest post on my blog to share some of our story from his perspective. I’m glad I asked, and I’m glad he agreed, because even now, I continue to learn what it’s like for him to walk…

30 answers for 30 years

This past Sunday was my 30th birthday. It wasn’t until last week when Louie I were talking about my birthday and he mentioned The big 3-0 that I realized how old I was turning. My response was, Nooo… I’m not turning 30, yet. Wait. I am. Really??? I remember when…

Warm wishes from our family to yours

Home at last

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14 hours after leaving Gulfport, and there’s just something about the crisp San Francisco air that let’s me know I’m home. I have stories to share and am a little behind on cupcakes (sorry!) and my cough has made the roundtrip travel. Sigh.

Between death and eternity

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Our current home is between the hospital where I found out Calvin was no longer alive and delivered his still body from mine and the columbarium where his ashes will be inurned in a niche that is for him and his sisters and, eventually, us. In several ways, we’re very…

The 5th Belongs to Calvin: A Visit to Florida

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One of the most surprising thing that happened after losing Calvin (and each of my babies) was finding friendships in unexpected places. I was amazed and uplifted by receiving compassion, encouragement, and just plain love from people who ranged from former acquaintances to complete strangers. The BabyCenter Community was where…

We are five girls and one boy

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The NaBloPoMo prompt for today is: Are you the oldest, youngest, middle or only child? Talk about siblings. {Photo credit: Ed Pingol Photography} I am the oldest of six. I have four sisters and one brother: Michelle, Raquel, Jeannette, Jannelle, John. Here’s something I wrote about six years ago (with…