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I breastfeed my toddler because I want to

Charlie wanted to nurse while we were waiting for our food at Beach Chalet with my in-laws today. He was tired and hungry. I told him that the food was coming soon, but he insisted, I want to nurse, and was on the verge of crying. So I pulled out his…

Happy 16 Months Charlie Bastian!

This is one of our more successful attempts at a back carry using a woven wrap by Little Frog. I’m getting there.

Time to squeeze Kraft Foods in the Mac and Cheese money bags

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Photo Credit: theimpulsivebuy I’ve leaned towards green for a long time, and my family knows me to be the hippie, crunchy, composting, anti-chemical, alternative type. Of course I cheated, especially when it came to delicious processed foods, and I confess to introducing Easy Mac to several people. However, my days…

15 days and 308 days

Sometimes it feels like his baby days are just slipping through my fingers. I decided to try wear him in the Moby again today and thoroughly enjoyed that he let me ♥.

Apparently mommyhood has made me the wasp-chasing type

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At breakfast this morning, Louie asked, “Do we have a fly? How did it get in here?” I responded, “Yeah, I think it’s behind the blinds.” By the sound of its banging against the blinds and window and the loud buzzing, I was sure it was one of those huge,…

Late Night Mommyhood

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(Photo via Instagram) Charlie’s food is prepared and labelled in the fridge. The dishwasher is running, and clean baby dishes are on the drying rack. Multiple drinking vessel options have been set out—hopefully one works! And my pumping bottles ready to go in the cooler. I’m nursing Charlie, and it’s…

Early Morning

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(Photo via Instagram) Charlie woke up at around 5 'cause his diaper leaked, and decided not to go back to sleep.After clamping on me with his teeth (had to stick a finger in his mouth to get him to let go), he crawled over to Louie and started pulling on…

Please get better soon, Bee!

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(via Instagram) My sweet baby has a double ear infection and has lost over half a pound. I hate gastroenteritis and flu season >:'( At least the doctor is okay with waiting to see if the ear infection will clear up on its own to avoid antibiotics messing up his…