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The 5th Belongs to Calvin: Hope and Cupcakes

Knowing Him During Easter Mass yesterday, as with every Mass, I find myself crying after taking Communion, while I’m kneeling in prayer. Lately, it feels like church is the only place where the tears flow freely, where the awareness of the rising in my throat is not accompanied with an…

Wordless Wednesday #3: Because I Looked Up

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The 5th Belongs to Calvin: When the Bough Breaks

On December 6, 2009, a friend of ours, Abe took pictures of me, Louie, Calvin, and Rainbow (though he didn’t know I was pregnant with Rainbow when he took them) for a digital photography class project. He wanted to share our story. After some apprehension of being made vulnerable, Louie…

Surprises, Flowers, and Winners, Oh My!

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Thank you, Lynette! Sweet Lynnette from Dancing Barefoot on Weathered Ground and Lynnette Kraft Photography edited this photo for me. She evened out the exposure, softened the image, and cropped it. Although the original quality of the picture was not that great, she worked and worked on it, because she…

Wordless Wednesday #1: Calvin’s Place

Calvin’s Friends

Not too long after the day I spent at the beach with Calvin, I came across Melissa’s blog, 2FeetOnEarth1intheStars, and her request for the Calypso Name Project in celebration of her daughter’s 2nd Birthday in Heaven. Knowing how powerful it was to see my son’s name written in such a…