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Two in Heaven

On December 21, 2009, Posted by , In Faith,Rainbow Baby, By , , With No Comments

A part of me wonders if I should have guarded my heart against loving my Rainbow. Could it have dulled the deep sting of this second loss in any way? But then, it seems kind of ridiculous. What milestone is there to say it’s okay to start loving your baby…

Clinging to Hope

On December 10, 2009, Posted by , In Faith,Life,Pregnancy,Rainbow Baby, By , With No Comments

First, I want to say thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers, virtual hugs, positive vibes, on Facebook, my blog, Twitter, BBC, texts, and emails. During a time that is so isolating, we know we are not alone. The photo is from the day we found out we…

Pray for My Rainbow

On December 10, 2009, Posted by , In Faith,Life,Rainbow Baby, With No Comments

We weren’t ready to tell people that I am pregnant again, that our rainbow baby is forming in my belly. We were planning to wait. But today, we desperately covet your prayers. I started spotting while I was at work yesterday afternoon. It came with cramps and back pain. The…