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ZOMG. Spider.

Goodnight without me

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Louie messaged me this drawing of him, Charlie, and me via the #coupleapp while I was working late one night. Isn't he sweet :/?

A Nasopure Ad (Totally Random and Amusing)

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This ad does not make me want to buy one. That water streaming out of her other nostril… Why is it only coming out of her other nostril? And how is it not dribbling onto her lips and chin or into her mouth? That containers does look nice though?

Home at last

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14 hours after leaving Gulfport, and there’s just something about the crisp San Francisco air that let’s me know I’m home. I have stories to share and am a little behind on cupcakes (sorry!) and my cough has made the roundtrip travel. Sigh.

Wordless Wednesday: Litterbugs want babies, too

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Bits and Pieces

It’s been a while since I’ve updated on the goings on of this blog and wanted to share a few updates and new things, before I totally forget. And for random, organization purposes, I decided to alphabetize it. Awards I received this award from Heather at In This Storm a…