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Days 11 & 12 of Project Pee-a-thon: Second Lab Results

cd28-29 / 13-14dpo / 9.25-26.11

Pregnancy update and a photo pregnancy tests to follow, so please feel free to click away if this is not something you can or want to read about right now. I understand.
Leaving some space to give you some space…
cd28-29 / 13-14dpo / 9.25-26.11

Day 11 Rundown

Cycle Day: 28 & 29
Days Past Ovulation: 13 & 14
HPT Result: Positives (the top two are from this morning, the bottom one is from last night)
hCG Result: 500 (up from 34 on Thursday)
Progesterone Result: 24.5 (up from 19-point-something on Thursday)
Symptoms: Breast tenderness, headaches, congestion, some cramping off and on, fatigue
Emotions: Nervousness, fear, anxiety, with some moments of calm and happiness sprinkled in
Notes: I told myself I wasn’t going to test yesterday (Day 11, 13dpo), but then I wanted to have some peace of mind before my blood draw. So I took one last night. It was darker, so I felt better. I tried to take a picture, but the lighting was bad.

Then this morning I took another test, and it didn’t look as dark as last night’s test. So, I started to panic and dipped another test in. That one was a little darker, but I still think last night’s was darker. So then I started Googling about lines and colors and getting lighter vs. darker, and read that sometimes it’s the sensitivity of the individual test, and sometimes it can mean dropping hCG levels and miscarriage. I wonder if I’m just torturing myself?

When I got my blood drawn today, I got stuck twice. First in my arm, a little lower than last week’s poke. I was worried because my pain wasn’t “popping” up like it usually does. The needle went in, turned, pushed more. I winced and gasped. Then she went for the vein right above my wrist bone. I felt that sucker slide in. More wincing and trying to breathe out slowly. Both were really painful, and the wrist one ached for the rest of the day. The lab tech used the same butterfly needle for both sticks, and I started panicking, even though I can’t really infect myself with anything… there is the air, whatever is on my skin. So I did more Googling, and felt a little more calm.

When the nurse called to give me the results, I was seriously expecting to hear bad news, and the numbers are still sinking in. When she told me the numbers looked good, I said, “Really???” My first ultrasound is scheduled for Friday, October 15, at 2:45pm. That’s in almost 3 weeks. I should be about 7 weeks 4 days, I think. Far enough along to see a heartbeat… I hope, I hope.

I don’t think I will test tomorrow, but I’m not sure. Would it be weird for me to ask for another blood test next week? Can you see the panic coming out. Sigh. Off to listen to my guided imagery before going to sleep.

TTC is hard.

If you don’t know what this is all about, please check out this post: On Your Mark. Get Set. Pee.

A little info about this cycle: This month marks 3 years since we decided (that word makes me laugh sometimes) to have children. It is 6 months since losing Gaelen, 20 months since losing Rainbow, and 30 months since losing Calvin.

This month’s “protocol”: I am temp’ing and charting at Fertility Friend. I took Letrozole (generic Femara) from cycle days 2-6. I used the Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor. I am receiving acupuncture once a week and have been seeing my chiropractor (where I also receive N.E.T. get an awesome 10-minute chair massage from an extern) every two weeks.

To see my results from previous days, please see:

Please feel free to save and use the TTC badge, especially if you know the difficulties in TTC. You can copy it to your computer or grab the following code to add it to your sidebar or maybe in blog posts about TTC: <img src="" width="200" height="204" alt="TTC is hard." />

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0 thoughts on “Days 11 & 12 of Project Pee-a-thon: Second Lab Results

  1. Ask for as many tests as you want! Anything to make you feel better. I hope soon that you do hear that little heartbeat & it keeps on beating. Always praying for you – that is the last thing I spoke to God about before I went to bed last night. xoxo

  2. I am so thankful to hear your HCG numbers looked good! I have been praying for you and your sweet baby. I think you should ask for another blood test if that will give you some peace of mind. I understand this is a very worrisome time, and you need to take care of yourself.

    1. Thank you, Katie. I really appreciate your prayers. The nurse said that getting another blood test won’t help, because even if my numbers weren’t good, supplements would be too late. It was disheartening to hear. So I’m just trying to cling to hope.

  3. I think if it makes you feel better to ask them to test your blood EVERY DAY until your ultrasound then that’s what you should do. I remember all to well the fear, the anxiety of those first weeks before that 1st ultrasound. Heck, my entire pregnancy was fraught with anxiety and fear. At some point it will get better and the happiness and joy will overcome the fear more often. Just know that you have so very many praying for you and that new little bean. 🙂

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