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Baby Sanders's remembrance cupcake

Baby Sanders (04.15.2014)

I loved you from the day I found out about you and have mourned you everyday since you left me. If I could hold you in my arms, I would; but I can't, so I will hold you in my dreams. Heaven will hold you before we do and keep

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Gaelen Evangeline's 4th remembrance cupcake

For my Gaelen Evangeline

4 years feels so far away. I miss you, my not-so-baby girl. Charlie sent you some birthday kisses today. We love you. 2012. Happy Heaven Day, my sweet Gaelen. Mommy and daddy miss and love you so much ♥ Gaelen Evangeline is our third baby, who joined her big brother and big sister, Calvin

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Calvin's 6th birthday quilled cupcake

For my Calvin Phoenix

I miss you. I love you. I wish I had you and all of your siblings here with us. 2013. Happy 3rd birthday, darling boy. We love you more every day. Calvin Phoenix is our precious first baby, after whom this project is named. He is in heaven with his sisters Rainbow and Gaelen,

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Lehel's remembrance cupcake

Lehel Henry Rees Bakos (01.08.2015)

You were loved from the moment your daddy and I found out I was pregnant. You mean the world to us and will always be remembered and loved. We miss you more and more each day. xxx — Ashley Beavis (Lehel's mother)

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Rainbow's Remembrance Cupcake

For my Rainbow Baby

I love you, sweet girl. Always, always. 2010. Rainbow is our second child and Calvin's baby sister. She was our spark, our hope. Though she was only with us for a few weeks before joining her big brother in heaven, she showed me the heart's limitless capacity to grow and love, even

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Pixel Clementine's 1st heavenly birthday remembrance cupcake

For my Pixel Clementine

I love you, baby girl. I miss you everyday. Pixel Clementine is our fifth child and fourth in heaven. We lost her early in pregnancy after a missed miscarriage and MUA on November 27, 2013. We learned that she had Turner's Syndrome and Trisomy 18. She plays in the clouds with her

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