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For Bryleigh, on your 1st birthday

Happy 1st Birthday, my sweet angel. On April 14, 2011, I gave birth to a lil' girl, at 1 pound 5 oz and 11 inches long. I named her Bryleigh Scott. Bryleigh was not supposed to make her first hour. She was born completly perfect, grew as she was supposed to,

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Laken's remembrance cupcake

Laken Taylor Johnson (04.08.2010)

For Laken, on your 5th birthday For Laken, on your 2nd birthday ♥, Laken's mommy, Melissa For Laken, on your 1st birthday Happy Birthday Laken! Never forgotten, you are always in our hearts! Love, Mommy, Daddy, Paige & Chase To learn more about this precious girl and her family and the ways that her legacy is supporting

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For Hannah Elizabeth, on your 1st birthday

Our sweet Angel Our daughter was born at 28 weeks 3 days due to my placenta no longer was working and was actually dying off. I had spent one week on BR at home, and then six weeks on BR at the hospital. Hannah Elizabeth was born on April 7th

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For Ashlynne Kennedy on your 1st birthday

We couldn't wait to hold you And see your pretty face. To count your little fingers, And check your toes are in their place. It should have been the happiest day To remember all our life. But joy had turned to heartache, No breath, no beat, no life. We will never see you smile, Or hear your hearty cry. We

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