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Madison's remembrance cupcakes

Madison Douthit (4.29.2008)

On your 7th anniversary 7 years feels like an eternity and like it was just yesterday at the same time. I constantly think about who you would have been and what having a daughter would be like. Although I do believe everything happens for a reason it's still hard to stomach

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Gaelen Evangeline's 4th remembrance cupcake

For my Gaelen Evangeline

4 years feels so far away. I miss you, my not-so-baby girl. Charlie sent you some birthday kisses today. We love you. 2012. Happy Heaven Day, my sweet Gaelen. Mommy and daddy miss and love you so much ♥ Gaelen Evangeline is our third baby, who joined her big brother and big sister, Calvin

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For Justus, on your 4th birthday

Happy 4th Birthday Justus. We love you so much, Angel. You will live in our hearts forever. ~ Justus Michael's mommy, Julie Justus Michael, who was born too soon at 5 months, is the precious son of Julie and Randall. To learn more about Justus Michael's story, please visit his Virtual Memorial.

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For Rain Serenity, on your 4th birthday

We love you and miss you more and more every single day. You will forever be our love. One day we will be together forever but till then know that you will never ever be forgotten. Our baby girl was born sleeping at 37 weeks and 2 days on October 20th

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