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Aidan's 2nd birthday remembrance cupcake

Aidan Donan Guilfoyle (08.01.2010)

On your 5th birthday Happy 5th Birthday in heaven, sweet Aidan. We are so blessed to call you son. We love you! (– Tim and Susan Guilfoyle, Aidan's parents) On your 1st birthday Happy first Birthday in Heaven, sweet angel. We miss you more than ever. We love you so much. You are forever in our hearts. How

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Kerrigan's remembrance cupcake

Kerrigan Tralee Long (03.11.2010)

Our love for you is endless. Kerrigan Tralee was diagnosed with Turner's Syndrome at 16 weeks in utero. Her heart was unable to support her, and she was born at 26 weeks, weighing 1 pound. Our love for you will never end. Love, Mommy, Daddy, Nate and Matthew

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Rainbow's Remembrance Cupcake

For my Rainbow Baby

2014. I love you, sweet girl. Always, always. 2010. Rainbow is our second child and Calvin's baby sister. She was our spark, our hope. Though she was only with us for a few weeks before joining her big brother in heaven, she showed me the heart's limitless capacity to grow and love, even

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Janessa's remembrance cupcake

Janessa (03.09.2010)

Happy 5th angel day, Janessa! Happy 2nd Angel Birthday, Janessa! We Love you and Miss you so much! Love, Mommy & Daddy, Sisters and Brother Happy 1st Angel Birthday! We miss you every day our Precious Angel. We Love You! Janessa is the sweet daughter of Shauna. Janessa's mommy honors her through Pinwheels from Heaven.

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