It started with pieces of me gone with my babies, pieces left behind by grief. I'm in fragments, but it's a beautiful mess, so I'm blessed to be broken.
Edgar's remembrance cupcake

Edgar Rojas Jr. (12.21.2012)

Joseph's remembrance cupcake

Joseph Rawle (10.21.2012)

Jordan's remembrance cupcake

Jordan Grace Wetzel (11.28.2012)

Mark Jr (11/25/2002)

Remembering Mark Jr.

Mark Jr’s 12 year remembrance cupcake from his mother, Carla.

Karen's remembrance cupcake

Karen Bostic (11.22.2011)

It has been three years since you became an angel. Now I look into the sky and see the sparkle of your eyes in the stars. I miss you. It was an honor to be your godmother. I would give anything to have one more day with you. I know that you are spending your eternity with our Lord and…

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Carley Noel's remembrance cupcake

Carley Noel (11.20.2009)

Mommy misses you every single day. We wanted you and wished that you could have stayed here with us. But God had other plans. We love you and miss you every day. Carley was my last chance at being a Mom right after I lost her I suffered from major health issues that will not allow me to have children…

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Custom Calvin’s Cupcakes

Custom Calvin’s Cupcakes are now available for $15 each. You can choose the “flavor” and design of your child’s remembrance cupcake as well as receive a high-resolution image. Order a custom cupcake » If you would like a free personalized cupcake, instead, please fill out this cupcake request form.

Heaven Lindgren 2014

Heaven Lindgren (11.05.2013)

I was 33 weeks along, I wasn’t feeling good and was not feeling her move around. I was sent to the hospital for monitoring and they could not find her heartbeat. I went in for a c-section that afternoon and got to spend a few hours with my baby before she was taken away. We named her Heaven and had…

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