It started with pieces of me gone with my babies, pieces left behind by grief. I'm in fragments, but it's a beautiful mess, so I'm blessed to be broken.
Emily's remembrance cupcake

Emily Elizabeth (01.25.2014)

I love you so much, Emily. Always. (Melissa, Emily’s mommy)

Mallory's remembrance cupcake

Mallory Elizabeth Neal (01.14.2010)

Mallory’s remembrance cupcakes from her mommy, Julie.

Joushua's remembrance cupcake

Joushua (12.29.2004)

My son was born perfect healthy and passed from SIDS when he was 3 weeks old. -Mattie

Brax's remembrance cupcake

Brax MacDonald (12.26.2011)

Happy Birthday to our beautiful little chubba bubba. XXXXXX Our beautiful baby boy was born sleeping on Boxing Day at 39 weeks and 3 days. We were so excited at the impending arrival of our first child. However, on Christmas Eve, I felt decreased movements, and then no movements at all for 4 hours. My partner and I started to…

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Jaylee's remembrance cupcake

Jaylee Kay Strean (12.24.2012)

Mommy Loves You, Babygirl. You are very much missed and will never be forgotten. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about you and wish that you were here. I know you are in heaven watching over mommy. (Mommys Little Angel) We Will Be Together Again Someday (Jennifer, Jaylee’s mommy)

Joshua Neal Britton's remembrance cupcake

Joshua Neal Britton (12.21 – 12.31.1992)

I miss you so much. You were here for such a short time, but you left your footprints on my heart for a lifetime. Forever to remain… mommy’s little angel. (Jammie, Joshua’s mother)

Catherine Gianna 2014

Catherine Gianna (12.21.2012)

December 21st would be our daughter’s second birthday. We lost her very early in the pregnancy. —Bonnie, Catherine’s mommy

Baby Scalise's remembrance cupcake

Baby Scalise (12.21.2012)

We loved you from the second we found out we were pregnant with you. We loved you for every second you were growing inside of mommy’s tummy. We will love you always! (Kelly, Baby Scalise’s mommy)