I Will Be Brave

That moment when you realize that you feel all the things — “good” (grateful, blessed, lucky, privileged) and “bad” (scared, anxious, worried, unconfident) — and that’s what being alive is. You know when people choose a word for the year as inspiration? I think I’ve finally found my word. My husband, Louie, first labelled itContinue Reading »

Trillin, Racism, and Privilege: Reflecting on “Have They Run Out of Provinces Yet?”

I don’t think Calvin Trillin is racist—I don’t have enough information to definitively conclude that he is a racist person. Knowing that he is a food and humor writer, I have no reason to doubt his honesty in saying that the poem “was simply a way of making fun of food-obsessed bourgeoisie….” That being said, IMO, Trillin’s intent ≠ the actual effect (I think most writers know that this can happen, and that it can happen a lot…).

A Birthday Gift from Charlie

“I love Calvin. He was my brother.” This morning, we stopped by the art store after our chiro appointment, and Charlie picked out paper that he wanted to use “to wrap Calvin’s present.” It was green foil with green dots. After we got home, he asked me for a box. Into that box, he placedContinue Reading »

“When will you have another one?”

It’s been two years. Two years since I was last pregnant. Two years since my last pregnancy ended. Two years since: The timing isn’t right. Two years since: There’s a baby in momma’s tummy. Two years since: No heartbeat. Two years since: Trisomy 18, Turner’s Syndrome, female. Two years since: Not your fault, nothing you didContinue Reading »