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Calvin’s Cupcakes

Calvin’s Cupcakes are sweet remembrances for parents whose children now celebrate their birthdays in Heaven.

We understand the importance of having our babies recognized, the need to know they won’t be forgotten. Although they are no longer with us physically, we continue to carry them in our hearts. We hope that these cupcakes will bring you comfort. We are honored to remember your children with you on their special day.

We currently have two remembrance cupcake options:

Custom Personalized Cupcakes

Cost: $7
Details: This cupcake is custom-made with your child’s name and is designed based on your choice of topper, flavor, and colors. The cupcake is displayed on a remembrance web page that can include a message to your child and/or your story. You will also receive a high-resolution version of the cupcake via email.
Turnaround: Up to 2-4 weeks

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Standard Cupcakes

Cost: Free
Details: This cupcake is personalized with your child’s name, and you may choose from several standard options for flavor and color. The cupcake will be displayed in a Facebook album for your child’s month.
Turnaround: Up to 8-12 weeks (depending on number of requests)

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