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Kimora Update and Message from Raquel

My sister wanted me to pass on her thanks for your support and prayers for Kimora and their family. She also told me that seeing people share the graphics of Kimora has made her feel less alone and lifted up their hearts.

Thank you from me, too, for validating how caring, thoughtful, and selfless this community of friends and family I am surrounded with truly is. In a time where my sister is trying to recover from the trauma of what happened and heal both emotionally and physically as she also cares for her babies, you are holding her with your words, positivity, hope, and prayers. Please continue to keep Raquel, Kimora, and their whole family in your thoughts and lift up their intentions.

Below are a few photos of Kimora, from when she was a preemie in the NICU to the big girl she has become:

Pray for Kimora Michaela and her family

Here is a note from Raquel (which she also shared on Facebook)

Thank you to everyone for all your support & prayers. Kimora is with her granny who is nursing her back to health to get over this virus to avoid another seizure while the new baby & I try to fight this sickness too. She is acting like herself more & more each day & we are confident that there shouldn’t be effects nor regression of her speech & motor skills. She has been laughing & trying to play & walk around but is just very exhausted & uncomfortable and her temperature still continues to fluctuate.

It has humbled us as parents as it was the most painful & terrifying experience I’ve ever had to have to witness such a beautiful, loving baby in distress. I will never forget the look in her eyes as her alertness vanished & the trembling of her tiny body. Her father was just as devastated to have to hear the news while he was at the store. He did not have the experience to have the images engraved in his mind but getting “the” dreaded call that something has happened to someone you love is just as painful.

We are just thankful she is in good hands today & it is giving us a chance to get ourselves together as this has been overwhelmingly traumatic for our family as we try to move forward with positivity & faith that we can grow stronger & be collected enough as parents to know these things just do happen & be confident we are doing are best with our girls.

Please– kiss & hug your children every chance you get. Give all of yourself to them. Love them with every part of you with such conviction that no matter what may happen, that love will give you the strength to endure & move forward.

Thank you God for all you have given us in these children & have done for my family.

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