Capture Your Grief – Day 15: Community

Capture Your Grief – Day 15: Community

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Ribbon

Like Songbirds

Born of the first mother to ever outlive her child, it wrote itself into our DNA like songbirds. It rang through my insides and buried itself inside my belly the morning my son passed from liquid to air, from inside to outside. Passed down by mothers whose children have died to mothers whose children are dead. I want to kneel in a circle at dusk, in a circle with mothers who have carried life turned lifeless, and with the fathers, the fathers beating the ground or their chests. We crescendo: my child, my child, my child, my child.

Capture Your Grief is an annual, 31-day mindful healing project that consists of photography and reflection. It is for “anyone who is grieving the death of a baby or child at any age or gestation.” Learn how you can participate or provide support at Carly Marie Project Heal.

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