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Surprises, Flowers, and Winners, Oh My!

Thank you, Lynette!


Sweet Lynnette from Dancing Barefoot on Weathered Ground and Lynnette Kraft Photography edited this photo for me. She evened out the exposure, softened the image, and cropped it.

Although the original quality of the picture was not that great, she worked and worked on it, because she knows how precious and dear this photograph is to me and Louie, who took the picture with a disposable camera, at night, in a room with not-so-great lighting. That camera means so much to us, though, because our nurse, Peggy, went and found it for us, thus giving us the opportunity to take pictures with our sweet little boy. Without it, without the time in that dimly it room, we wouldn’t have any photos of Calvin with his mommy and daddy.

Thank you, again, Lynnette! It was such a sweet surprise to find this picture in my inbox after we had worries that you couldn’t really do much with it.

Thank you, husby!

Flowers from Louie

As I was rushing to my chiropractic appointment, beads of sweat on my forehead and along my hairline from fast-walking from Van Ness Station because I missed the N by a stoplight, I saw my husband standing outside of the office. I was running late and I had texted him to “go first please,” but apparently he didn’t listen. So I felt annoyance creeping in, along with a scolding readying itself for launch at the tip of tongue.

Then I noticed he was holding something in his hand. Flowers. He never hardly ever buys me flowers. And as I drew closer, I noticed beautiful deep red orchids and these big, gorgeous leaves. Of course, the annoyance softened as he said, Congratulations, and gave me these flowers wrapped in fuschia and orange tissue paper. This didn’t mean I didn’t ask him why he didn’t go first :P.

You didn’t tell me to go first.
Yes, I did; I texted you.
Oh, I didn’t get it..
Oh okay.

And that was that. ~_^.

Thank You for Waiting for the Necklace Winners!

I’m sorry for this delay. In my last post, A Request, I shared that Louie’s grandma had passed away and asked for your prayers (thank you for that). The past few weeks have been challenging with preparing for the funeral and viewing. Last week was particularly difficult… Last Sunday and Monday (November 15 and 16) were the viewing and funeral for Grandma Floring. Last Wednesday (November 18) was Mama’s (my maternal grandma) six year home-to-heaven anniversary. And last Friday was Tatay’s (Louie’s paternal grandpa) birthday; he went to heaven last year on September 10. This was also the month last year when I got my positive home pregnancy test with Calvin.

With all this aching, though, my heart is full. Full of love and remembering. And to celebrate this, and to thank you for your patience, I have decided to give away all three necklaces! And because I think it may not have been clear when I typed “so if you would like one of them, all you have to do is just leave a comment on thisblog post,” since my blogs feed into Facebook as notes, I’m also including the 2 commenters from there :). Now to put all your names on a piece of paper and make my sleepy husband draw three…

And the winners are…


Holly, Jennay, and Jessy! Please send me your mailing address and rankings for the three necklaces at

Necklace Giveaway

Tracy, please send me your mailing address, as well. I have something else for you. I know it won’t make up for all the things that got stolen from you, but hopefully it is something you will enjoy.

Thank you everyone for your comments and joining. I’ve decided to make this a monthly giveaway, so if you didn’t win a necklace this time, please check back soon! I would love to give something to each of you, but my hands just can’t work fast enough. Now off to work I go!

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  1. How nice of Lynnette to edit your photo for you. She does a great job and the photo looks great!! Those flowers are so pretty and I bet they smelled really good too.

    That’s awesome I won. Thank you!!

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