Ten Secrets

Ten Secrets

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Walt Disney's "The Strongest Man in the World" movie poster

Secret #8

(Day 1 of the 10-Day “You” Project)

  • Instead of gum, I used to chew on torn pieces of binder paper. I don’t think I stopped until the end of high school.
  • I would take the aforementioned chewed up pieces of binder paper and chuck them at the ceilings of my parents’ house.
  • I don’t wear makeup often, but I wish I had the motivation and time to do so.
  • At 7 or 8 years old, I dialed a number I saw on television, then hung up when someone answered. The person called us back (this was before *69 and the mainstreaming of Caller ID). I answered, got scared, and handed the phone to my grandmother. She yelled at the person saying that nobody called her. I never admitted that I did.
  • Once, while I was stretching over an exercise ball, Charlie walked up to me and said, “I like your beard, Mama,” then he stroked my armpit.
  • I shoplifted a pack of gum when I was in grade school. I confessed it at my first Reconcilation, right before I had First Communion. I still feel a bit guilty about it.
  • I’ve never watched the original “Star Wars” movies in full.
  • My first celebrity crush was Kurt Russell in “The Strongest Man in the World.” (Louie finds this hilarious.)
  • To keep Charlie from seeing, I will eat junk food/dessert/candy over the kitchen sink – especially if I am not up to sharing.
  • I don’t drive, because I don’t trust myself to drive. I hide this behind my crunchiness and green-leanings.

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