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Calvin and Legaci – Watch the Kid’s Choice Awards tonight

Something that I’ve been wanting to share, but that I’ve kept quiet until it became a reality, is the recent blessing received by very important people in my life. The beautiful thing is that this happened on March 5th. Do you know the importance of that day? That day is Calvin’s birthday. Louie and I were on our way to see our chiropractor, Dr. Kim, when he got a phone call. He heard the words Calvin is a blessing, followed by the news that Legaci was asked to perform with Justin Bieber.

I’ve known Legaci for almost as long as I’ve known Louie. I’ve watched them perform at local showcases, festivals, and competitions. They sang at my sister’s sweet sixteen party and my grandmother’s funeral and were part of my wedding. I’ve spent so many weekends watching them practice, making fun of them, and seeing them grow into the men and artists they are now.


These guys are like brothers to me—in the good ways and in the annoying ways. And I am so proud of them.

Tonight, Legaci will be performing with Justin on the Kid Choice Awards. The show in on Nickelodeon and starts at 8pm Pacific/7pm Central/8pm Eastern. Will you watch and see how amazing they are?

**Updated** It looks like regular Nickelodeon is airing it at 8pm. We’re watching it now because Louie’s parents have Comcast HD, which is streaming live.

And one more thing—

The Justin Bieber song that they covered, that got them noticed… it’s called Baby. Calvin’s 1st Heavenly Birthday and Baby. How’s that for a sign that my baby boy is doing wonderful things in Heaven?

Here is the video, in which they collaborated with fellow YouTube artists, Cathy Nguyen and Traphik:

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  1. Oh, how wonderful! I’ll watch tonight now for sure! And Calvin is definitely doing wonderful things in Heaven – such a wonderful, special boy. Hugs.

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