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Day 9 of Project Pee-a-thon

cd26 / 11dpo / 92311

cd26 / 11dpo / 92311

Day 9 Rundown

Cycle Day: 26
Days Past Ovulation: 11
Symptoms: Cramps, Tiredness, a little nighttime headaches
Emotions: Stressed (work stuff), some disbelief, nervous/anxious, a little worried, but hopeful
Notes: I didn’t say anything yesterday because the camera didn’t pick it up, but I think this one is a little more telling. I contacted my RE’s nurse yesterday, and she had me go in for bloodwork to get a more definitive answer than the super faint lines I saw on those two tests. Yes, I am pregnant with baby number four. It’s still sinking in. And it’s still very early. I will get follow-up labs on Monday. If you have any prayers, light, good thoughts, and positive energy to spare, we would greatly appreciate it for us and our newest little one during this time (and hopefully, for the next 9 1/2 months).

TTC is hard.

If you don’t know what this is all about, please check out this post: On Your Mark. Get Set. Pee.

A little info about this cycle: This month marks 3 years since we decided (that word makes me laugh sometimes) to have children. It is 6 months since losing Gaelen, 20 months since losing Rainbow, and 30 months since losing Calvin.

This month’s “protocol”: I am temp’ing and charting at Fertility Friend. I took Letrozole (generic Femara) from cycle days 2-6. I used the Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor. I am receiving acupuncture once a week and have been seeing my chiropractor (where I also receive N.E.T. get an awesome 10-minute chair massage from an extern) every two weeks.

To see my results from previous days, please see:

Please feel free to save and use the TTC badge, especially if you know the difficulties in TTC. You can copy it to your computer or grab the following code to add it to your sidebar or maybe in blog posts about TTC: <img src="" width="200" height="204" alt="TTC is hard." />

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0 thoughts on “Day 9 of Project Pee-a-thon

  1. wow, you are so brave to take pictures day by day. I couldn’t handle the disappointment so my husband encouraged me to wait the full 30 days. so happy for you that the femara worked! Sending many prayers and hopefulness….

    1. Thank you so much, Patty. It actually got pretty difficult seeing those negatives over and over, even though I new it was early. Combined with my fluctuating temperatures, it almost got to be too much. Then, when I started seeing lines, I felt a mix of disbelief and panic. I really appreciate your prayers and hope. I am praying for and thinking of you and hope you have your earth baby in your arms soon. ((hugs))

    1. thanks for the congrats, michelle. i thought i saw a very, very, very faint shadow 4 days before my expected period (9dpo) and brushed it off as seeing things because it seemed to disappear. at 3 days before my expected (10dpo) period i got very, very faint but pink lines. they have started to get more prominent, but still lighter than the control line each day. my period would have been due today, and it was still faint on the test strip. i bought my tests from i ordered the test strips because they were the cheapest.

  2. I am SO over the moon for you! And actually I thought I saw those lines yesterday and ALMOST posted to tell you to check them again but didn’t want get any hopes up. Anyway, I am SO, SO, SO HAPPY for you!!! We will be in prayer for you for a very happy & healthy 9 months!

  3. picture me popping my booty all over my house saying “HOLLLAA” I am so happy for you! I am praying to WHO EVER listens for you and your husband and Baby Bee…good luck sweetie!!

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