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“When will you have another one?”

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It’s been two years. Two years since I was last pregnant. Two years since my last pregnancy ended. Two years since: The timing isn’t right. Two years since: There’s a baby in momma’s tummy. Two years since: No heartbeat. Two years since: Trisomy 18, Turner’s Syndrome, female. Two years since:…

And because we will never forget…

Over at Dandiewinks, I’ve shared several cards to honor the grief some of us feel on Mothers Day. Here’s a small preview of a couple of the them: There are also cards for those of you are missing your own mothers and grandmothers and a “Thinking of You” card for…

I always bring my BBT thermometer

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The NaBloPoMo prompt for today is: What is something you always pack on a trip? For that past two years, one of my packing staples has been a digital thermometer, a digital basal body temperature thermometer to be exact. For those who don’t know, your basal body temperature is your…

Day 5 of Project Pee-a-thon

Day 5 Rundown Cycle Day: 22 Days Past Ovulation: 7 HPT Result: BFN Symptoms: Some pinching/cramping throughout the day, tender breasts, small bouts of nausea (similar to the Clomid cycle) Emotions: Anxious about the next few days Other: As more and more rainbow and pot-of-gold baby announcements come, I wonder…

Days 11 & 12 of Project Pee-a-thon: Second Lab Results

Pregnancy update and a photo pregnancy tests to follow, so please feel free to click away if this is not something you can or want to read about right now. I understand.

Day 10 of Project Pee-a-thon: Where do I go from here?

As I mostly officially announced yesterday, I am pregnant. I know that I have some readers who are still trying, and my heart really aches for you. I know feeling “left behind,” and even now, even after learning that we are blessed with another pregnancy, I still feel pangs of…

Day 9 of Project Pee-a-thon

Day 9 Rundown Cycle Day: 26 Days Past Ovulation: 11

Day 8 of Project Pee-a-thon

Day 8 Rundown Cycle Day: 25 Days Past Ovulation: 10