Book Review: Sufficient Grace by Kelly Gerken

Ultimately, this is the story and testimony of a woman who discovered God’s faithfulness, love, and grace as her family navigated the deaths of three babies, and found her worth and purpose in Christ.

Capture Your Grief – Day 8: Resources

Baby loss blogs UCSF Compass Care Babycenter Community Sufficient Grace Ministry Glow in the Woods Grieve Out Loud Faces of Loss, Faces of Hope Still Life 365 Baby loss Facebook groups Still Standing Magazine   Capture Your Grief is an annual, 31-day mindful healing project that consists of photography and reflection….

For Faith and Grace, on your 14th birthday

Faith Elizabeth and Grace Katherine are the precious twin daughters of Kelly and Tim Gerken. At around 20 weeks, after they mother started having pre-term labor, doctor’s discovered that they had twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome. Faith and Grace went home to Jesus at 26 weeks and were born still. They have…

For Thomas Patrick, on your 12th birthday

Thomas Patrick is the son of Kelly and Tim Gerken. He walks alongside Jesus with his twin sisters, Faith and Grace, and has two brothers on earth, Timothy and James. During an ultrasound, his parents learned that Thomas had Potter’s Syndrome, a fatal condition in which his kidneys did not…