Capture Your Grief – Day 28: Wisdom

Two months after Calvin died, we joined the UCSF Compass Care support group for bereaved parents. Our facilitators were Helge Osterholde and Melissa Whippo. They one of the first and few to tell us to honor our feelings, to lean into the grief. They helped me find the path to…

Capture Your Grief – Day 8: Resources

Baby loss blogs UCSF Compass Care Babycenter Community Sufficient Grace Ministry Glow in the Woods Grieve Out Loud Faces of Loss, Faces of Hope Still Life 365 Baby loss Facebook groups Still Standing Magazine   Capture Your Grief is an annual, 31-day mindful healing project that consists of photography and reflection….

The Spaces of Missing

This is Louie holding our first baby, Calvin Phoenix, after he was stillborn in 2009. This is Louie holding our fourth and only living baby, Charlie Bastian, after his birth in 2012. It’s not often that Louie is recognized as a father of more-than-one, as a daddy to FIVE wanted…

Almost Wordless Wednesday: REI at UCSF

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This was one of the first indicators that I had crossed the threshold into infertility.