Thursday, July 9, 2020
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A Bunny for My Baby

Calvin's Bunny
Calvin’s Bunny

I decided to get off the bus early on Wednesday and just wander down Clement Street because I knew Louie wouldn’t be home until after 10pm because of his class. I walked into Genki, and as we usually do when we walk around that store, I looked for something for Calvin. (Some people may find it odd that we continue to buy things for our son—our baby who know longer exists in the land of the living—but it brings us comfort, and we know Calvin can see these things from where he is. And if God ever blesses with another child, I’m sure Calvin won’t mind sharing with his little brother or sister.)

I found that bunny, and it reminded me of Calvin. It’s small and it’s wearing blue, and I think he’d like it. So I bought it, and I brought it home. When Louie saw it he asked, Is this me? It looks like me. Is this Calvin? It looks like Calvin. I told him it was for Calvin, and he replied that that’s probably why he thought it looked like him. I agree. Both of my boys have big heads :).

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  1. That bunny is Miffy. She is a cartoon bunny for children that has been around for years and years. I think she orginates in the Netherlands but don’t quote me on it. Miffy and Friends can be found on Treehouse Tv. I’m sorry to hear about your son Calvin. My son Calvin also passed away and I miss him every day. I totally understand why you buy things for him, I do for my son too. Sending you hugs

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