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The 5th Belongs to Calvin: The sweetest names I ever sighed

This post has been a long-time-in-the-making, but I just kept pushing it back because I wanted more time to process the images and get them in good good shape/size for posting. This morning I woke up and decided I would do just that for this month’s The 5th Belongs to Calvin, because (1) I love seeing their names over and over and (2) I wanted to share the lovely work of some amazing people.

it is with much gratitude and warmth in my heart that I share these beautiful name images, which were created by such loving hands and hearts for my precious loves:

Thank you to Ashley and, her baby, Maxton!
Calvin and Rainbow from Ashley at Babies in the Sky

Thank you to Caroline and her angels!
Calvin and Rainbow from Caroline at The Croley Gang

Thank you to Lea and, and her baby, Nicholas!
Calvin's & Rainbow's wings from Lea at Angel Wings Memorial Boutique

Thank you to Maggie, and her baby, Alexandra!
Calvin's candle from Maggie at Butterflies for Alexandra

Thank you to Bree and, her baby, Ella!
Calvin's and Rainbow's butterflies from Bree at My Baby Butterfly Ella

Thank you to Narelle and, her baby, Bodhi!
Calvin and Rainbow From Narelle at Written with Blocks

Thank you to Laura and, her baby, Cara!
Calvin & Rainbow from Laura at Angel Baby Names

Thank you to Lisa and Jonathan, and their babies, Emma and Chase!
Rainbow and Calvin from Lisa and Jonathan at Waterfall Angels

Thank you to Rachel and JaCoCo!
Butterflies for Calvin & Rainbow from Rachel at Triplet Butterfly Wings

Thank you to Misty and, her baby, Jay!
Rainbow and Calvin from Misty at Heavens Seashells

Thank you to Sandie, her angel, Jessica, and her other little ones!
Calvin & Rainbow from Sandie at Roses in Heaven

Thank you to Jill, and, her baby, Jasper!
Rainbow and Calvin from Jill at Vermont Angels

Thank you to Tiffany and her angel baby!
Calvin and Rainbow fromTiffany at Names on the Sidewalk!

My sweet boy, I miss you and Rainbow so much, and am so thankful for the wonderful reminders we have of you both. You are my reason for seeking joy in this life. Happy 16 months in heaven, Calvin. Mommy and Daddy’s love for you just deepens with each passing day.

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0 thoughts on “The 5th Belongs to Calvin: The sweetest names I ever sighed

  1. I just LOVE that the 5th belongs to Calvin too!!! the pictures are beautiful, and I will make some special ones tomorrow for them…xoxo…thank you for your support always xoxo

  2. Crystal, these are just absolutely beautiful! What wonderful ways to remember Calvin and Rainbow – I am sending you so much love.

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