Sunday, September 22, 2019
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Happy Fathers Day, Louie

Sending kisses from heaven, from babies, with love.

And Happy Fathers Day to all the other daddies out there, too: to daddies with children in their arms, to daddies with children in their hearts, and to daddies who are deeply missed.

Crystal is a mother-wife-writer whose explorations include parenting, grief, food, and semi-crunchy living. She is currently an MFA in writing student, a content editor for Still Standing Magazine, and the technical editor for Switchback.

0 thoughts on “Happy Fathers Day, Louie

  1. Happy fsthers day son! Fatherhood is all about love that is pure, infinite,unselfish and knows no boundaries if only to feel and sense the presence of his children wherever they will be. You are a true Dad in every sense of the word,

  2. Happy father’s day, Louie! Your sweet ones in Heaven love you very much. As you and Crystal try to conceive, I will have you both in my heart and prayers. xoxoxo

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