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R is for Redo - Unpacking Grief

R is for Regrets (I really, really want a redo)

There was a point where, every single night, I would have trouble falling asleep because I was re-living the day Calvin was born and trying to make it right in my head over and over. I would imagine everything I would have (should have) done differently. I kept thinking about how

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The 5th Belongs to Calvin – Right Where I Am: 822 Days

822 days = 19,728 hours = 27 months = 1,183,680 minutes = 2.25 years = 71,020,800 seconds. That's how long I've been without my son. That's how long it's been since I delivered Calvin into this world with his eyes shut and a still heart. Since I held him in my

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Happy Easter Calvin Phoenix, Rainbow Baby, and Gaelen Evangeline

It's still hard to believe that I haven't been able to celebrate Easter on earth with any of my children. We lost both Calvin and Gaelen during Lent and Rainbow just before Christmas. It's Calvin's 3rd Easter, Rainbow's 2nd, and Gaelen's 1st. My mother-in-law put these Easter goodies together for my

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